I've always believed in St Jude! Helper of the hopeless. To go to this little Chapel with such tranquility and to pray and ask for our Friends and Family. Thank you St Jude!

Pat M.

When I walked into this humble church, I felt the presence of God...
The warmth of the chaple is undeniable and beautiful.

The painting of the crucifixion surrounding the life sized crucifix drawing attention to what is the reason is for our presence there....the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, dying for us and our sins on the cross and reminding us of the sorrow of His afflicted mother......our Blessed Mother Mary.

The parishioners are reverent and their participation in the mass evident as they raise their voices in prayer and song...

Those who experience Gods presence there are bless indeed

Diane C

Chapel is open to go pray and light candles and leave fliwersy

Lydia P.

Masses are very good. Not a whole lot of spacing but great homilies. Priest's are down to earth.

Jimmy A.

Langente muy calida

Veronica H.

Beautiful church take your family they had services outside for Thursday and also Friday amazing church beautiful view Of people gathering to gether and unite something that we all need to do take your family

Teddy S.

Very peaceful respite from the world. The statue of St. Jude is beautiful.

Kristall K.